Boaz Ben Zur & Co. is a boutique law firm specializing in litigation. The firm is among the leading firms in Israel and is consistently ranked at the top of the professional ratings.

Boaz Ben Zur & Co.

The firm represents clients in litigation in all legal forums, including arbitration and mediation procedures, national commissions of inquiry, and other tribunals.

The firm specializes in litigation and dispute resolution in a wide range of legal areas, focusing on commercial law, capital market and securities, civil law, white collar crime, labor law and public law.
The firm has vast experience in handling large-scale and complex cases, while providing extensive and in-depth legal advice according to the unique needs of each case.

Since its establishment, the firm has gained excellent professional reputation and has been involved in multiple high profile cases. Our dedicated attorneys closely accompany our clients, providing them with immediate response, assistance in building a unique strategy and finding sophisticated and creative solutions. We accompany our clients through legal and business conflicts, alongside ongoing consultation for proper conduct in order to avoid unnecessary litigation. Our goal is to find and create the optimal legal solution for each client, while understanding the specific needs of each client and, at the same time, carefully assessing the risks and complications entailed in each situation, aiming always for the optimal outcome.

The firm represents leading entities of the Israeli elite business sector, such as major insurance companies (Clal, Migdal, Menora, Haphoenix), fuel companies, infrastructures and tourism companies, real-estate companies, pension funds, Unions (Hahistadrut, Teachers Association); as well as, private companies and businesspeople, capital market investors, insurance agencies, dozens of lawyers and accountants, public figures including ministers and parliament members (Avraham Hirschson, Amir Peretz, Avi Dichter, Yaron Zelicha, etc.), universities and institutions of higher education as well as public and media personalities.

The firm is headed by Adv. Boaz Ben Zur, considered one of the finest litigators in Israel, who is responsible for setting legal precedents.
Adv. Ben Zur has vast experience of over 20 years in the litigation field. Alongside legal representation, he serves also as an arbitrator and mediator, and is a lecturer of commercial – civil law, inter alia, in professional seminars of the Israel Bar Association and law schools.
Adv. Ben Zur is personally involved in the handling of each case in the firm and leads the process with an experienced team, while emphasizing creativity, in-depth legal research and uncompromising solutions for each and every client.

The Firm’s team consists of advocates dedicated to litigation – their unique specialty. The advocates of Boaz Ben Zur & Co. are experienced jurists, graduates (with honors) of the country’s leading educational institutions and law firms. Our team of lawyers implement high standards of service and excellence in their work.