Adv. Boaz Ben Zur

Founding Partner

Adv. Boaz Ben Zur is considered as one of Israel’s leading litigators, and is consistently ranked at the top of the professional legal rankings.
Adv. Ben Zur has extensive expertise in representing large entities in complex and diverse claims, and conducting litigation in all fields of law. Adv. Ben Zur specializes in commercial law, civil law, white collar, insurance law and administrative Law, as well as high profile claims and classified cases. A unique expertise of Adv. Ben Zur is representation before commissions of inquiry. Adv. Ben Zur appeared before the commission of inquiry that was formed after the Second Lebanon War (representing former Defense Minister, Amir Peretz), and in the Zayler Committee that investigated police conduct (representing senior police officers), etc.

Adv. Boaz Ben Zur views litigation as an area of law in its own right – the spearhead of the legal profession – characterized by interlocking with all branches of the law. Adv. Ben Zur’s personal credo is that litigation requires special expertise and excellent argument skills, alongside pure jurisprudence, a sharp mind and the ability to conduct a legal case in real time, together with a deep understanding of the events unfolding during the trial .
Ongoing and direct contact with the client stands at the core of Adv. Ben Zur’s professional outlook. Adv. Ben Zur is involved in all aspects of the legal activity in the firm, and accompanies – along with an experienced team of lawyers – the firm’s clients in all stages of a case.