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We provide our clients – private and public companies, domestic and global, and businesspeople – expert advice in all aspects of their commercial activities. Our commercial practice, headed by Dr. Amir Shavitzky, puts special emphasis on assisting our clients in achieving and maximizing their business objectives, while always protecting their interests. To that end, we work closely with our clients, understanding their businesses, plans and targets, which enables us to devise profound and innovative solutions.

Our commercial practice has extensive experience and expertise in M&A. We are actively involved in all stages of a transaction, from planning the transaction structure, drafting the agreements, negotiating, up to completion of the transaction. We work closely with our clients throughout negotiations, identifying solutions to complex issues, while never losing sight of our clients’ commercial objectives.

We provide our clients advice in their on-going commercial activities. We also provide support to boards of directors and managers of public and private companies on corporate governance issues.

We place significant emphasis on offering creative legal advice that is tailored to the specific situation with respect to which we are counseling. In this way, we ensure that our clients are offered the best solutions.

In sum, we assist our clients in achieving optimal commercial results every time.